Work In Progress Game

Game Build: 145 Wed 04/26/2017 15:07:07.98

Game Name: Template

4/26/2017 2:55pm
Added real time user count using and node running on Amazon EC2. Only viewable on desktop right now.

4/25/2017 9:26pm
Automatic JS minification added to post build event. Testing auto update with new .min code

Looks like auto upload is working!

Second test. This should've been uploaded via ftp after building the game in Visual Studio.

This should've been uploaded via ftp after building the game in Visual Studio.

One thing I want to accomplish today is automatically upload a text file describing what I've updated with the current WIP game. If successful, the next paragraph should've been uploaded after I hit compile. This paragraph was uploaded manually.

This is the current work in progress game that I'm working on and you can view on RetrostalgicTV. When the Icon displays online this game gets updated very frequently. Check the version number, date and time in the game to see when it was last pushed to this page. When the game is complete will get its own dedicated page that you can find a link to on the home page.

In order for me to make games more effectively I'm creating a template where many things like GUI, different scenes, input and scoring are taking take of. When the template is ready I create a Visual Studio Template. Every time I start a new game I build off of this. This template project will be evolving through the process of creating each new game. Things will be added and other modified.